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The Mouzon House was build in 1883. A simple Victorian home in a neighborhood of similar homes that sat next to historic High Rock Park and mineral springs that served to heal many wounded soldiers during the Revolutionary War.  What adds to the unique history of this home is that it was purchased by Ardel Mouzon in 1919 a Cherokee Indian woman who fought all sorts of battles to protect this home from demolition.  In the 1970’s, urban renewal took the entire neighborhood by eminent domain.  Ardel organized her church and a few professors from Skidmore College and fought the urban renewal. She saved the Mouzon House from demolition.  It now sits at the edge of High Rock Park and a public parking lot, nestled in between hotels and newer development, as a reminder of a neighborhood that once was.

The house was inherited by Ardel’s Daughter, Mia Mouzon who was the first woman of color to graduate from Skidmore College in the 1930’s and still lives in Saratoga Springs.  The Mouzon House was purchased by the Pedinotti family and restored to its 1883 era, in the dining rooms you will find Murals painted on the plaster walls that depict the Mouzon woman as well as the Pedinotti Family and the garden atmosphere that the Mouzon House offers.


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Overlooking the dining room and open kitchen, can seat up to 75 guests or a standing reception of 130 guests. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip.

Seat up to 75 guests

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